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An accredited technical-vocational high school in Caraga Region producing life-long learners equipped with technical-vocational and academic competencies, proper work ethics, & desirable values nurtured by teachers with collective accountability in collaboration with stakeholders in a child-friendly school.


Tabon M. Estrella National High School together with the stakeholders commits to create opportunities for high school students to acquire the necessary academic competencies, technical-vocational skills and other life skills vital to cope with the rapid change of technology in a knowledge-based economy.



Tabon M. Estrella National High School community,in defining how it shall conduct itself in carrying out its vision and mission, is committed to uphold the following standards and ideals which will serve as its guiding principles:

 •EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES - The school is expected to treat every student and stakeholder with equality and fairness.

•ETHICAL PRACTICE - The school is expected to run its affairs to the highest degree of morality and decency.

•ACCOUNTABILITY and EXCELLENCE - The school is expected to be answerable to the decisions it would make for the interest of the stakeholders especially the students. It is expected to promote constantly the awareness and practice of National Culture of Excellence (NCE) in the delivery of educational services.



          Tabon M. Estrella Barangay High School was founded in 1981.  It offered First Year and Second Year Levels, adopted the New Secondary Education Curriculum.  In 1982 a Complete Secondary Education was implemented under Government Permit No 09-133-1 series of 1982.  In the Year 2000, Tabon M. Estrella National High School adapted the, Basic Education Curriculum (BEC).  It applied for conversion to TECHNICAL-VOCATIONAL Curriculum and was approved in July 2008.

  Tabon M. Estrella national High School now adopts the Strengthened Technical-Vocational Education program using the Competency-Based Curriculum (STVEP-CBC).  The competency-based curriculum specifies outcomes which are consistent with the requirements of the workplace.  The component area adopted by the School is ARTS and TRADES.  The school also passed the assessment for Regional ICT Center this SY 2009-2010 and includes in its curriculum ICT4E courses. For this SY 2009-2010, the school offers Internet and Computing Fundamentals for the First Year students and PC Operations for the Second Year and Third Year students as basic subjects.

  Specialization is started in the Second Year and is offered based on the interest of the students, needs of the community and the capability of the School to offer such specialization.  TMENHS is offering Food Trades, Garments, Electricity, and Furniture and Cabinet Making. ICT Specialization includes PC Hardware Servicing and Animation & Visual Graphics Design.

  Selection of specialization shall be done before enrolment period to be administered by the guidance counselors, vocational head teacher and teachers with concurrence of the parents of the students.